A Dream Realized

The idea for this adventure has been kicking around my brain for a long time. I’ve always been intrigued by other cultures and really felt the bite of the travel bug the first time I went backpacking in Costa Rica in 2001.

A few short years and a few more adventures later, the dream started to take a clearer shape and, importantly, became a shared project with Wendy and, ultimately, a Journey for Four. To be typing out these words less than 12 months away from finally embarking on this grand plan is both tremendously exciting and a tremendous privilege.

Wendy, Robin, Caleb and Kieran

A huge part of my motivation in planning this journey has come from the inspiration I’ve taken from the adventures of others. With a tip of the hat to some of those adventurers (my parents, Steve Banks, Global Field Trip, The Voyage of The Northern Magic), I welcome one and all here to get a glimpse into some of our experiences in the hopes that we can pass on some small part of that magical inspiration to other current or would be adventures out there.

Thanks for being a part our Journey.


2 thoughts on “A Dream Realized

    • Most inspiring and best of luck!!

      PS. at #9 Arishiyama Bamboo Grove, there is a monkey park close by. ~ 30 minutes hike up to the top of the mountain. Very nice view over Kyoto. And lots of wild monkeys, cute and calm. Kids love them. =)


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