My feelings about the trip

By Caleb

Dear blog readers

Whelp here goes nothing. I am really going to enjoy this trip I think it will change me in many ways but enough about that lets get to what I am most excited about. I am most excited about getting to see all this; it’s going to be one of the greatest times of my life and it will change my perspective on how the world works. There are a lot of things under the category of what is going to be most exciting like food, drink, place etc. etc. you get the point so let’s start by tackling a few.

First up food. Well I am pretty sure my favorite is going to come from somewhere near Mexico (because I’m obsessed with churros) or in the Cook Islands (our last destination) because their desserts are so good.

Next up drink. I think my favorite drink is going to come from Costa Rica (our first destination) because I have heard of some pretty cool sodas made from fresh grown cane sugar there.

Final one, place. I think I am going to enjoy China the most due to all of the architecture there like the clay soldiers and the many statues of things like palaces or in some cases peacocks and the very cool temples.

I am very nervous about many things like countries where they persecute Christians ( I am Christian) or leaving my family and most of all not having WIFI. So, I hope you can keep us in your thoughts and all your friends and family too.