And we’re off!!!

10 years of planning, 2 weeks of packing (including one very late night last night) and countless dreams and discussions later, we depart this morning on our journey together.

Destination #1 is Playa Ocotal, Costa Rica where we hang out for then next 17 days, a relaxing warmup for the adventures ahead. A 5.5 hr flight to Liberia and a short drive from there is the itinerary. We are all full of emotion this morning as say goodbye to Toronto for 18 months: excited for what lies ahead, sad to leave our friends and family behind for now and uncertain about how the reality of this journey will line up with one we’ve been imagining for so long.

Thanks to all who reached out with best wishes as we got ready to depart, and apologies to anyone we may have missed saying a direct goodbye to. Watch this space as the journey begins to unfold…



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